Super Cool Christmas Gifts for Boys!christmas gifts for boys

An adolescent is somebody who is in between things. A teenager is somebody who’s kind of permanently there
They are constantly looking out for cool apps and Gadgets so get them Cool Christmas Gifts!

This is your chance to become your teenage son’s Best Pal by giving him some of these below mentioned gifts for less than $99!

(1) Retro Gamer Crate @ $79

Dudes, boxes and crowbars: a match made in heaven, right? Watch with glee as he pries open this cool wooden box filled with a gamer’s dream. He will love reliving his youth with an original Atari and a boatload of delicious candy and soda.
Comes with crowbar/bottle opener
Atari Plug-and-Play controller has 10 retro games

(2) The Spy Watch @ $99

Well The Spy Watch is the answer to all your spying prayers and could be direct from Q himself! Not only is it a rather stylish watch but it’s also a digital video recorder with a whole 4 GB of memory!How often do you miss a moment for some prime espionage because you don’t have your video recording equipment to hand. These are excellent Christmas Gifts.

(3) Laser Cosmos – Laser Stars Projector @ $99

Be transported to another galaxy, far, far away all from the comfort of your own home. This star shaped Laser Cosmos Projector will transform any ceiling into a mesmerising universe using a powerful green laser and holographic technology. Imagine yourself lying on your bed to relax, projector on, then gaze up to watch a beautiful starry night flow all around your ceiling. Lose yourself in the heavens above.

(4) Tactico Football Board Game @$49

This action packed football themed board game is perfect for the aspiring player, manager, coach or just a keen board game player. Take football, the world’s greatest game and combine it with the ever popular board game and there was only ever going to be one outcome.

(5) AppSing Karaoke Machine $39

A great toy for the wannabe Superstars in your family to practice their pitch or a novelty device in which to sing sweet harmonies on the hen-do, Appsing is a must-have for the kids – as well as the big kids – amongst us!
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4 & 5, iPod 4th generation and Android.

(6) Konstruktor DIY Kit @ $39

Build your own SLR and learn all about camera mechanics in just a few steps!
The Konstruktor DIY Kit is the World’s First 35mm plastic SLR, and you can assemble it yourself. This camera is packed with features such as a top-down viewfinder, multiple exposure function, bulb setting for long exposures and a detachable lens-taking your analogue experience to new creative heights!

(7) On-the-go Touch Speaker! @$29

Your very own Touch Speaker is compatible with most Ios devices as well as Android and other phones containing an inbuilt mobile speaker.
Sleek and lightweight, your Touch Speaker will be the envy of all the music buffs you know, as you take it with you on the go!
Get rid of all the extras and get with the technological times with this fantastic Touch Speaker.

(8) Superhero Bathroom Commando Gun! @ $9

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use your shooting powers to get rid of your towns most heinous villains!
You have no time for rest or play, they’re out there; making little old ladies scream and taking lollies from babies as we speak!
Practise your shooting skills even when you’re bathing with this Superhero Bathroom Commando. Easy to assemble, the Superhero Bathroom Commando will fit most normal sized baths. Add a little excitement to your bath time with this super-fun, Superhero Bathroom Commando.

(9) AppWheel for iPhone @ $9

Be part of the action and feel like a real race car driver with the AppWheel for iPhone.
Simply insert your iPhone or iPod touch into the wheel, download any driving app and you are ready to go!
You really are in the driving seat as you twist and turn around the course.It is so easy to use and the clever design means have the maximum chance of coming in first place!
The AppWheel for iPhone promises a Realistic Driving Experience that will keep you entertained for hours!

(10) The Holy Grail of TRUTH or DARE GAME! @ $9

The guide to getting started with the ultimate party game.
From too-true facts to cringe-worthy challenges, this book is instant entertainment.
This is a Sure-Way to befriend your son and all his friends and Become a Cool Dad or Mom in No time!