A fastidiously picked delectable range of Distinctive Christmas Gifts Ideas for Men!

(1) Milwaukee M12 Cordless Multi-Tool Kit:Christmas Gift Ideas For Men
This Machine cuts, sands, scrapes and grinds with some 25 configurations. This lithium-ion-powered Gadget is the ultimate multi-tool for the handyman or jobsite professional.

(2) Shot Glass Checkers Set
Turn the generally Boring Game of Checkers into a fun contest of Stamina. Some would call it a “drinking game” since the checkers are Literally clear and frosted 1-ounce shot glasses!
The 12 type of shot glass are included along with a 14 inches glass checker board.
So, Jump your opponent and he has to chug down the contents of the glass.

(3) Hunting trip
Plan an Excellent Hunting Trip in the woods for him and his mates
This will be a Heavy Commitment of both time and money. Not only that you will be a Winner amongst his Gang of friends too!

(4) Mr.Beer- The Beer Making Kit!
The Quinessential Mr. Darcy joins hands with Mr.Beer this Christmas.It is a great Kit to Make Your Own Beer in Less than 14 days.These kits are absolutely Straightforward to use and fully re-usable.

(5) Personalized Grilling Gloves!
Do you knpw that Master Griller or Your Hubby Dearest is the Master in Front of the Grill?
How about getting him his very own Heavy Duty Leather Grill Glove Set with your Own Steakhouse and BBQ Logo??

(6) The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook: Inside the Kitchens, Bars, and Restaurants of Mad Men
The one-thing absolutley Mesmerising and Addicitve about the Mad Men Series that each Guy simply Raves about! Give your partner a Chance to try his hands with Unofficial Mad-Men Cookbook!

(7) Cuisinart Griddler- the Human Griller with a Twist!
This Mean Machine brings home the art of Cooking In-doors, guaranteeing that meal prep can be Manly Enoguh even in cold! It also doubles as a griddle and Panini -Press. His appetite is sure to shift from bacon to steak to grilled Italian sandwiches!

(8) New tailored suit- Make him Feel like the 007 Agent of your Life!
In times like these even the Wall-Streeters have to be watchful of what they wear! Left alone you husband would beam in a Brand New Tailored Suit! It would give him the Edge while presenting a New Sales Pitch or even while Meeting your parents over Christmas!

(9) TuneBug Shake
This Crazzzy Gadget connects to your Man’s phone or MP3 player to make a Great Surround-Sound Experience, without any headphones. It’s Absolutely touch-sensitive and mounts to most types of helmets!.This only means that if he’s biking or snowboarding, he can still have his tunes without dangerously cutting himself far from the planet via headphones!

(10) The Art of Shaving Kit – The Mantastic Kit!
Most Men fret Shaving Everyday. Make it a Pleasurable activity for him this holiday season. The Famous Four-Component Kit from the Art of Shaving (a brand that appeared in the
2012 Men’s Health Grooming Awards) his for Keeps. It includes — a Protective Pre-Shave Oil, Moisturizing Cream, Soothing Aftershave and a Brush to make sure any skin type stays smooth even after all that scraping.

Your adoring husband who’s stuck around through the good times and the bad still makes your heart skip a beat. Treat him to a gift that tells him you’ll keep loving him for a lifetime.